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W's Alpaca cardigan



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An alpaca wool cardigan featuring V neck, button front fastening, long raglan sleeves and front pockets. The open knitwork on elbows give a modern touch to this classic fit available in lively colors such as Burgundy,Cinnamon and Navy. Length: 64cm - Width: 56cm - Size M > + 2cm - Size L > + 4cm / 70% Alpaca wool

An alpaca wool fabric that will wrap you in a surprising softness. Alpaca wool comes from alpaca hairs, it resembles a small lama in appearance and is a camelid. Their wool is precious, strong and non-irritating. It is a hypoallergenic fiber with no lanoline and is therefore recommended for sensitive skins. We use "Baby alpaca" wool for our alpaca knitwear because it is even softer and warmer.

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Your woolen knits should be washed regularily. Air out your garment every second day to refresh the wool which is a natural living fiber. Quality dry-cleaning will make your cashmere last longer. 


Handwash only in cold water to keep your wools soft and fresh. Use a small amount of wool detergent and allow it to dissolve completetly before washing garment. No chlorine. Do not leave to soak. Do not wring nor scrub. Scrubbing may cause pilling and stretching. 

Rinsing :In cold water                                                                               Squeeze gently: do not wring ; NO spin-drying. 

Flat drip-dry on top of a towel to avoid stretching. Cool iron inside out (wool program). Drying :

Do not sun dry nor close to direct heat. No tumble-dry. 

Do not keep your garment on a hanger, it will alter its shape. Cashmere is a fine fabric which tends to pill. You can lessen the pilling process by placing your garment in your fridge in a plastic or cloth bag for a few hours. Your garment will hence keep its original shape, softness, smoothness and the colours will remain radiant and shimmering.

The irregular knitwork gives texture to this essential piece. Ideal to match with cotton tee PHI25, double-faced blazer LEA136 and skirt LEA141 to rock your feminine look!

Ref. : OMA248H11
*Prix de référence : 2011

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