33rd international festival of fashion,
fashion photography & fashion accessories in Hyères.

The story

American Vintage has always had close links to the arts and partnering with the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères for three years seemed an obvious decision. For the 32nd edition from 27 April to 1 May 2017, the brand created the American Vintage Photography Award, a competition that will oppose 10 finalists.

American Vintage Photography Award

For the second year running, American Vintage is partnering with Hyères Festival. Just like last year, the brand is organising a Photography Award for an artist whose picture showcases a selection of American Vintage pieces. Following on from 2017 winner Luis Alberto Rodriguez, this year’s winner will receive 15,000€. The partnership will continue beyond the Villa Noailles as the lucky winner will then create a photo series for American Vintage, which will be exhibited in Autumn.

« A Million Little Bells » Luis Alberto Rodriguez, 2017 Winter

In 2017, New-York born, Berlin-based photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez won the first American Vintage Award and the Hyères audience choice award. His work reflects his dance training and passion for the body movements. His pictures show power, tension, energy and sensuality emanating from the anonymous people photographed. Michaël Azoulay describes him as an artist who is “in perpetual movement just like for his photos, in line with the American Vintage philosophy.” Luis Alberto Rodriguez produced the “A Million Little Bells” series, a journal of textures and colours inspired by the torment of a young adult in the grip of childish curiosity. We follow Léon through a series of surreal transformations, in a glorified game of dressing up alone, where each staggering metamorphosis invites us to join him in a world of dreams.
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Award for undiscovered talent

Last year, we provided disposable cameras to our festival-goers to mark their visit to the festival and uncover their artistic talents! Check out the best pictures here!