In the middle of the fields, we are losing track of time. Maybe it’s October or perhaps it is November yet? The only thing we know for sure is that there are only the two of us. Two of us in this huge cold but comforting house.

It’s 4:32 a.m. and it is too late to go to bed. The sun should be rising soon. I remember the crazy evening that spilled over into the night. Succumbing to dizzying spells of sweetness, I wait for the rising sunbeams to glide over my skin. That’s when I see her in a soft cotton sports bra and shorts, snuggled under a thick cardigan. She comes down the stairs barefoot. The cup of coffee is steaming, one sip and the day can begin.

We watch this unique show. No two sunrises are alike.

I fall into the rhythm of my movements, an ochre wool sweater with large cable knit quickly pulled over the grey hoodie that I practically live in. Alive and kicking, I am a man who rushes forward and jumps into life with both feet. I chase the sunbeams, I don’t want to miss a single one. In front of me, she runs and soars, dressed in softness and warmth in her grass green corduroy dress, a long denim jacket trailing in her hand. I make her spin around in sync to my steps and bounds. The wind twirls us. We feel as light as a feather.

Getting lost in these infinite spaces, the grass drenched by the morning dew, the sky growing cloudy… A feeling of freedom swells inside us, buried under thousands of layers of clothing. Our sky blue or plum turtleneck sweater and a beige raincoat thrown over the shoulders accentuate this feeling of escaping and this connection with the land. We dream of these 24 hours that will go by and we can’t wait to experience the next ones.

I closed my eyes a moment. It’s already a little past midnight. I never give the exact time anymore. There’s no point. I am here, lying down on my ash red fainting couch, wearing only an oh-so-British belted plaid coat over my bare skin.

Legs crossed on the sofa, my hand lingers on the lines of my corduroy pants, dark grey like the ashes scattered in the fireplace. I get a thrill from the melody of the laughter around me

We are this woman and this man and the future belongs to us.

It’s still 4:32 a.m. Still no longer time to sleep. The sun is finally rising.
Photos credit :
Photo Julia Champeau (Artlist)
Models Julita Formella (Viva)
Csepi Szllagyl (Viva)
Lols Schalkwljk (Elite)
Max Barzak (Elite)
Movie director Thomas Lachambre
Make-up artist Satloko (Artlist)
Hair stylist Olivier de Vriendt (Artlist)
Stylist Alexandra Elbim (C’est La Vie)
Production La Multinationale