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American Vintage Society

American Vintage travels around the world to meet its brand-ambassadors.
Their inspirations, style and passions.

Riding the waves with Manon Lanza from @allonsrider

Today, American Vintage Society is meeting Manon Lanza, founder of boardsports platform This AMV ambassador and extreme sports fanatic shares her favourite outfits for a comfortable yet stylish ride.
Manon Lanza is passionate about extreme sports and has decided to make them her day job. She has founded a media platform specialised in boardsports,, written a book to teach people how to skateboard, and embodies a revival in board culture, which is feminine, open-minded and committed.
How do you define your style?
It’s always changing! I like to be feminine just as much as I like to wear clothes from the men’s section.
What’s most important is that they are casual and feel comfortable.

What are you crushing on this winter?
I really like off-white. I’m lucky to be out in the sun all the time and it’s a colour that looks really good against tanned skin. Otherwise, I love pieces made from soft and comforting materials – perfect after a chilly surfing session! My favourite piece has to be the DAMSVILLE jumper in heather grey. I never want to take it off!
What’s your riding look?
It has to be comfortable. So, loose jeans with a T-shirt or close-fitting jumper that doesn’t restrict my movement.

What are your everyday must-have items?
I start by choosing my socks – I have a great collection! I prefer high socks with a fun twist when you catch a glimpse of them on my ankle. I match them with a slightly oversized pair of jeans and a nice jumper or crop top depending on the weather. Then I accessorise with a beanie or cap and some jewellery. I love this look because it’s easy to put together but cute.

What’s your philosophy of life?
Nothing is impossible. That might seem clichéd but perseverance has always helped me achieve things I thought were impossible at first. It’s really important to me to be positive whatever happens. Everything happens for a reason.