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14 artists, 17 towns, 21 shop windows

At American Vintage we are continuing to showcase young creative designers. After the Toulon Design Parade, from 2 October to 2 November, 2023, where we will award a prize, we are giving 14 local artists (almost) carte blanche to redesign the windows of 21 shops. There's just one rule: you have to create a free interpretation of childhood.
Works to be discovered in France, Europe and New York.
Aix-en-Provence Aix-en-Provence
Lila Lefranc @lila.lefranc
Cannes Cannes
Lila Lefranc @lila.lefranc
Cannes Women
Amsterdam Amsterdam
Luna Filippini @pupetta_bxl
Anvers Antwerp
Luna Filippini @pupetta_bxl
Berlin Berlin
Marc Majewski @marc.majewski
Berlin Mitte Women
Biarritz Biarritz
Melody Denturck @melody_denturck
Bruxelles Brussels
Aya Akbib @ayadrawings
Charonne Charonne
Manon Cardin
Copenhague Copenhagen
Donna Wilson @donnawilsonltd
Marylebone Marylebone
Donna Wilson @donnawilsonltd
Lille Lille
Mary & Jiem @marylimonade
Lyon Lyon
Alexandra Dedrouve @alexddvr
Madrid Madrid
Perrine Honoré @honoreperrine
Madrid Fernando
Marseille Marseille
Camille Mollier @camille_mollier
Marseille Davso
Milan Milan
Lisa Koesterke @lisakoesterke_illustration
New-York New York
Blair Breitenstein @blairz
New York
Toulouse Toulouse
Julie Debezy @juliedebezy
Tiquetonne Tiquetonne
Manon Cardin
Vieille du Temple Covent Garden
Donna Wilson @donnawilsonltd
Covent Garden
Vieille du Temple Vieille du Temple
Manon Cardin
Vieille du Temple
Soho Soho
Donna Wilson @donnawilsonltd
1 - Julie Debezy
@juliedebezy - Toulouse
3 - Lisa Koesterke
@lisakoesterke_illustration - Milan
4 - Aya Akbib
@ayadrawings_ - Brussels
5 - Camille Mollier
@camille_mollier - Marseille Davso
6 - Alexandra Dedrouve
@alexddvr - Lyon
7 - Lila Lefranc
@lila.lefranc - Cannes Women and Aix-en-Provence
8 - Blair Breitenstein
@blairz - New York
9 - Melody Denturck
@melody_denturck - Biarritz
10 - Marc Majewski
@marc.majewski - Berlin Mitte Women
11 - Manon Cardin - Paris (Tiquetonne, Charonne, Vieille-du-Temple)
12 - Mary & Jiem
@marylimonade - Lille
13 - Donna Wilson
@donnawilsonltd - London (Covent Garden, Marylebone, Soho) and Copenhagen Pilestraede
14 - Perrine Honoré
@honoreperrine - Madrid Fernando