A day with American Vintage & its influencers

Combine winter trends with your daily rituals.
Through this collection, American Vintage will reinvigorate the best times of your day.
Get acquainted with this fall/winter ’18 power-pieces and discover our influencers’ selections.

Fresh out of the shower

Your morning ritual by@Lilyjeanbridger

« Feel the first beams of sunlight slipping under your skin just like the ribbed jersey feeling of your underwear »

The sun has nearly risen and the day is about to start.
Discover the fresh out of the shower edit with a selection of loungewear pieces you can actually wear out: soft & warm fabrics, a robe-inspired dress, a silky nightshirt or a second-skin piece for a carefree yet resolutely feminine silhouette.

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Time to hit The Gym

Time to hit The Gym by
@Vivianhoorn & @Rienwelsink

« Allying technique with elegance: get carried away by the wind, feel ingenuously naive, candid and alive »

Start the day right by hitting the gym, secure your look with a 90’s inspired streetwear revival: Chunky knits, denim, loose, comfy and soft fabrics.

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Strolling in the woods

Reviving nature by@The woods

« Get lost in the wilderness and feel the freedom getting under your skin, wrapped up in multiple layers of clothes and a trench coat thrown over your shoulder »

On a Wednesday afternoon, nothing seems to be a better idea than getting lost into the woods. The selection takes its inspiration from second-hand pieces: padded velvet, crochet knits, jacquard patterns & raincoats. Here’s your cold weather line-up: trendy shapes & retro statements.

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The boudoir

Le boudoir par @Thedailydeb

« With my legs crossed on a velvet sofa, I am this carefree woman wrapped up in a flower dress contemplating upon the future »

The evening starts with flames dancing in the chimney. Weaves and textures are playing an essential role in this scene, dresses are floaty, prints are nostalgic and vivacious, colours are warm and joyful. Knits are layering on your knees, resulting in a feeling of warmth.

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