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Information about the company

Name: YONA
Corporate name: Yona SARL
Legal form: SARL (société à responsabilité limitée)
Head office: Parc d’activités de Signes, allée de Stockholm 83870 Signes (France)
Amount of the capital: 8,000 euros (€)
Legal representative: Michaël Azoulay
Company registration number: 498 123 710 (Toulon)
Intra-community VAT no.: FR06 498 123 710

Information about the website
Website publication manager: Michaël Azoulay
Website hosting provider: Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Telephone: +33 4 98 07 00 27 (cost of a local call) from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm
By post: Parc d’activités de Signes, allée de Stockholm 83870 Signes (France)

Information regarding online dispute resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for resolving disputes out of court. You can access the website at
We are not inclined to participate in dispute resolution procedures before consumer arbitration committees.