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This season, Victor Belmondo becomes the ambassador of the American Vintage men’s lines. As the first face to embody our collections, he stars with his brother in a short film and new campaign photos. A behind-the-scenes visit.

A new face

It was an obvious choice. His simple style. His timeless basics. His collection of white T-shirts. At American Vintage, we had never represented our campaigns with muses before, but today, actor Victor Belmondo plays a starring role in the latest campaign of our men’s collections. Authenticity, freedom and spontaneity are just some of the values that we share.

“We usually do open casting calls or street casting. But, this time, we wanted to work with a creative who truly loves the brand. Making Victor Belmondo the men’s muse for American Vintage will help us develop this segment.”
— Michael Azoulay, Founder and CEO of American Vintage

Two brothers in Marseille

Shot in Marseille by Thomas Lachambre, our short film follows Victor and his brother Giacomo. A 70s aesthetic, a vintage vibe and an endearing dynamic, sparking the nostalgia of moments spent together and fraternal bonds.

“Shooting with my brother Giacomo was priceless. This short film is like a testimony of our bond. A memory that we will hold on to for a long time, one that really reflects who we are.”
— Victor Belmondo

A natural connection

Victor Belmondo has been a fan of American Vintage for a long time now. His mother introduced him to the brand when he was a teenager (at a time when he wasn’t terribly interested in fashion).

“We were on holiday in the south of France, when my mother and I happened to go into an American Vintage shop. For the first time, everything was right for me: simple, direct, well cut, with wonderful materials. You can wear everything over and over, without getting tired of it. That’s exactly what my style is. Even today, American Vintage is one of the only brands that I like to buy in person in the shop. To try on the pieces, to feel them and touch them.”
— Victor Belmondo

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Photo : @ciuftagram
Video : @lachambrethomas
Hair & make-up : @rosine_muraire