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Marseille S/S21

This spring/summer collection immortalises faces and looks of random strangers.
United in Marseille, they embody a summer season in which clothing embraces intimacy.

Their names are Nadir, Marlow, Harp, Lisa, Anna-Joe and Léo. They are dancers, students, parents or lovers. From all horizons, their diverse ages and profiles compose a voluntarily eclectic canvas. In candid shots, Julia Champeau’s photos capture singular attitudes and looks revealing their clothes, the fabrics, and the personalities of those who wear them. Without dressing up, without concealing. Just the truth.

Sensitive and intimate, the images of the season are testimonials of the lucky, spontaneous encounters that we so dearly miss. Sharing uncontrollable laughter, saying “I love you” or pulling someone into a hug.

Bodies enveloped in natural fabrics, movements are freed. Jackets, hoodies can be for men or women, parents or children, young or older.
It’s not fashion; it’s style. Their style.
Photographer : Julia Champeau
Models : Pauline, Louna, Marlow, Bépi, Margot, Dove,
Léo, Amélie, Lisa, Harp, Clélia, Luciana, Marion,
Loïs, Léna, Dominique, Yas, Nadir, Max, Anna-Joe,
Emmanuel, Isaia, Rime, Maurice.
Movie Director : Thomas Lachambre
Stylist : Jonathan Huguet (Artlist)
Make up artist : Céline Martin (Artlist)
Hair Stylist : Joseph Pujalte (Artlist)