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Fall / Winter 23/24

7am, Leopoldstraat – Antwerp. Under an overcast sky, cars and bicycles roll along the cobbled street. In the distance, a smiling young woman bursting with energy appears through the early morning haze. Emily Jeanne is a 31 year-old DJ living in Antwerp who opens up our new portrait gallery.

Behind the camera this season is Italian photographer Luca Campri, who blends fashion and portraits with elegance, originality and spontaneity. Frenchman Thomas Lachambre, a regular on AMV shoots, films his subjects with passion and humanity. Together we take to the streets of Antwerp to meet residents and highlight our new Fall/Winter collection. Along the way, we meet dancers, artists, musicians, athletes, chefs, engineers, project leaders and authors, resulting in a vibrant and colourful portrait gallery.

In terms of clothes, AMV’s essentials are built around increasingly sophisticated basics and knitwear that are subtly evolving. Yellow and pink over-dyed denim and the ever-present presence of fluorescent colours add an instant retro rock and nineties vibe. With iridescent puffer jackets, long plaid coats, head-to-toe monochrome looks or a combination of tones from the same colour pallet, materials and colours are mixed and layered. Our new collection is for those who dare, who are confident, who love, who connect, who live, celebrating unrestrained emotions, movement and friction.

Flash-back to the set in Antwerp. As the camera clicks, and our hearts beats as we meet new people. Each person is candidly photographed, filmed and interviewed. Men, women, children and babies have been chosen for their authenticity. With some more at ease than others in front of the camera, they reveal themselves in words and images. Discover the 21 people we met in the intimacy of these three days in our portrait gallery.

Modèles  Heleen


Modèle Dora



Alice, Karin & Gala, Annette, Aarich, Alan, Bruce & Stella Rose, Dora, Emily Jeanne, François, Karina, Laura, Malaika, Maude, Merijn Nathan, Noah, Heleen, Idwer & Hermes

Luca Campri

thomas lachambre

american vintage
84 allée de stockholm, 83870 signes, France