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The American Vintage Society

American Vintage travels around the world to meet its brand-ambassadors.
Their inspirations, style and passions.

Today, AMV Society is meeting two couples separated by the Atlantic Ocean. In France, dancers Mathieu Forget and Victoria Dauberville. On the West Coast of the United States, the content creator Rachel Barnes (aka “Rocky Barnes”) and the photographer Matt Cooper. Read on to get to know them a little better.

In the air with dancers
@forgetmat and @victoriadauberville

Their pictures could almost make you dizzy. Mathieu and Victoria are both dancers and have an ultra-meticulous, yet comfortable style that lets them move freely, no matter what time of day or night.

How would you describe your couple’s style in one word?

Classic-comfy. We’re always moving and we like to feel comfortable in our clothes. When we take pictures together, we make sure that we show our distinct identities.

Victoria, ballet is a big part of the aesthetic of your images. What is your day-to-day style?

I often wear the same pieces: pleated trousers and blazers. Very 90’s working girl, so that I’m looking chic in every situation.

Mathieu, your style, even when dancing, is more everyday-casual. How do you choose your looks for performing?

I like to keep things pretty classic. I always choose my clothes based on the location of the photo shoot and whether I want to blend in with the surroundings... or not.

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On the West Coast of the USA
@rocky_barnes and @matt_coop

They’re young, gorgeous, expecting their second child and (most importantly), they live in one of the sunniest cities in the world. Some might say their style is mismatched. Not really.

How would you describe your couple’s style in one word?

Rachel : The opposite! I have a lot more clothes than Matt. They’re all kept in a room we’ve converted into a dressing room.

Rachel, you love colours. How do you match them?

If you’re not used to wearing lots of colour, go for neutrals with a pop of colour and give them a twist. I love mixing tones from the same colour pallet.

Matt, your style is a lot more casual. What do you wear to work?

I wear jeans and vintage T-shirts when I’m at a shoot, but when I have a meeting, I go for a nice shirt. As for suits, I keep them for really special occasions.

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