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"Sea songs"
by photographer Sergei Pavlov

After winning the American Vintage Photography Award at the 36th edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories, Sergei Pavlov was given free rein to immortalise a (very) personal series, which will soon be exhibited in our stores in Paris.

Galerie d'images du photographe Sergei Pavlov

American Vintage has been a partner of Design Parade Hyères since 2017 and gave its Photography Award to Sergei Pavlov. In autumn 2022, he will be exhibiting a series of nine photographs in American Vintage shop windows and stores on Rue Tiquetonne and Rue Étienne Marcel.


“Yann and I crossed paths at the end of the Hyères Festival. A few weeks later, I met up with him to suggest we go on a week’s holiday together. We set off for the Canary Islands without further ado.”
― Sergei Pavlov, photographer

In memory of these “romantic and creative holidays”, he produced a series of nine black and white film photographs. This is Sergei Pavlov’s favourite effect: “I find colours a little distracting. Black and white has something timeless about it. The photos here are totally modern”, he says, explaining that his main inspiration came from images of LGBT culture in 1980s New York.


Here, bodies and nature come together to form a harmonious and peaceful whole. These photos are dripping with nostalgia. “That’s why I especially like American Vintage. Their collections have a certain timelessness.” The model takes ownership of the pieces along with the photographer, and dialogue and intimacy are established to create authentic photographs unafraid of showing the honest truth.

See Sergei Pavlov’s “Sea Songs” exhibition from 26 September to 1 October 2022 in the American Vintage stores at 62 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris and 32 Rue Étienne Marcel, 75001 Paris