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American Vintage Society

American vintage travels round the world to meet its brand-ambassadors:
their inspirations, style and passions.

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Today the AMV Society is in southwest France to meet Hadrien David. This young racing prodigy and AMV ambassador gives us a glimpse into his wardrobe and a day-to-day life like no other.
Hadrien David isn’t even 18 yet, but already has the makings of a world-class racing driver. We interviewed the youngest F4 champion in the history of auto racing and now F3 driver between training sessions.
What is your style?
I like to keep it simple light colours and simple designs.

What’s your favourite go-to outfit?
I prefer plain colours over logos and prints. I often wear oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts to be more comfortable.
For the bottoms, I usually wear a pair of Snopdogg jeans that go everywhere with me.
What piece of clothing do you take along with you to the racetrack?
At the end of a race, I like taking off the top of my race suit and putting on an AMV sweatshirt.

If you had to choose an outfit to wear for 24 hours, what would it be?
A sportswear set like these khaki joggers and matching sweatshirt (item numbers MZUT05AH21 and MZUT03AH21). It’s my favourite outfit and I love the colour. It really stands out as a full look.

What’s your favourite American Vintage piece this season?
An oversized brown jumper like the Tidsburg. It goes with everything and I’ll be taking it everywhere with me this winter.

Where can we usually find you in your town?
In Royan, I often go jogging on the beach in the morning. Then I stop for a coffee in a nearby bar. It’s my reward after training as the sun comes up!

What’s your philosophy of life?
Enjoy every moment! I get to live my passion with hard work and perseverance, and that makes me a lucky person.