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AMV soutient le rugby français

AMV supports French rugby 💙

Getting to know our rugby players

To declare its love of rugby, American Vintage is giving a voice to its ambassadors from the French national team.
Julien Marchand, Thomas Ramos and Gabin Villière talk in words and pictures about their careers,
their day-to-day lives, the values that are important to them in sports, and fashion - of course!
For the love of the challenge, team spirit, going beyond your limits and winning
AMV supports rugby 💙
Julien Marchand

Getting to know Julien Marchand, hooker

AMV : How did you get into professional rugby?

Julien : I started with football and then moved into rugby - I was playing both sports when I was young and still had trouble choosing. When I was 12 or 13, I decided to continue with rugby. Going pro was still a dream, but as time went by I began to believe in it, and I always wanted to make a living from my passion.

AMV : What rugby values are important to you?

Julien : I think rugby makes you really humble. From one match to the next it’s never the same: you’re constantly reassessing yourself. You learn a lot about respecting others, not discriminating or making fun of people, and opening up to others by making them feel welcome on your team.

AMV : How did you feel when you found out you’d be playing for the national team in France?

Julien : It’s a real thrill and I'm really proud to have been called up and selected. It’s a dream come true to be able to take part in a World Cup - I know I may never have another opportunity during my career, so I'm very happy to be taking part in this one, and I hope it goes as well as possible.

AMV : How do you feel about AMV?

Julien : For me, it’s important to wear a French brand, which American Vintage is. It started from nothing and is now super successful, which I love. I also appreciate the relationship of mutual trust we have developed.

AMV : What do you like best about AMV’s collections?

Julien : What I love about American Vintage is the understated style with pieces that come in several colours. That’s how I like to dress. The most important thing when you get dressed after a match or in life is to feel comfortable in your clothes, and that’s how it is with AMV.

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Thomas Ramos

Getting to know Thomas Ramos, fullback

AMV : How did you get into professional rugby?

Thomas : I’ve been playing rugby since the age of 5. I knew I wanted to do it for a living, but had a hard time believing that I’d make it as a professional player. I played my first match when I was 18, but it took a few years before I gained a little more confidence and was able to have the career I do today.

AMV : What rugby values are important to you?

Thomas : In rugby, we talk a lot about camaraderie, solidarity and team spirit - those are the kind of values I can identify with and that are meaningful to me.

AMV : How did you feel when you found out you'd be playing for the national team in France?

Thomas : Playing in France has always been a goal, but it only happens once in a career. When the players were announced, we held it in for the 9 players who hadn’t been selected after two months of training together. You’re happy on the inside, but out of respect for the others you try to stay calm and contain your joy. Now we have to deal with the pressure, and the mental and emotional aspects, knowing that there’s a lot riding on us this year - but we’re well prepared.

AMV : How do you feel about AMV?

Thomas : Since discovering American Vintage it’s almost all I ever wear! The clothes look great, and as rugby players who sometimes struggle to find certain sizes, there’s something for everyone. You feel good in their clothes and there’s really nothing else you want to wear. When I go to the American Vintage store in Toulouse, I always receive a warm welcome. There’s a friendly atmosphere and I sometimes spend a whole hour just trying on clothes and chatting. I really enjoy it.

AMV : Is there a message you'd like to pass on?

Thomas : Thank you to the fans who have been cheering us on for some time now. When we’re at the Stade de France, we feel the support behind us and we also think about the people watching from home. We need to believe in ourselves and our team - we’re capable of doing great things!

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Gabin Villière

Getting to know Gabin Villière, winger

AMV : How did you get into professional rugby?

Gabin : When I was little, I wanted to play football with all my friends, but my parents told me I could play any sport I wanted, except soccer. I ended up at a rugby training session one day, and when I discovered the sport I couldn’t get enough of it.

AMV : What rugby values are important to you?

Gabin : Rugby is a kind of school of life: you learn values, sportsmanship and teamwork. I especially like the human values of respect, looking out for each other, collective struggle and perseverance.

AMV : How did you feel when you found out you’d be playing for the national team in France?

Gabin : It was huge and so great to see all the hard work pay off. It’s been incredible and now we’ve just got to get out there and get the job done! There’s a lot of pressure, but it's all really positive. There’s such joy and pride in being able to represent your country and play in France. We’re doing everything we can to avoid any regrets and give ourselves the best chance of winning.

AMV : What do you like to do in your spare time?

Gabin : I’m very close to my family and childhood friends and the friends I’ve met through rugby. I like the simple things in life: being with my family, enjoying a good barbecue together, doing things outdoors, like playing golf, but especially the simple things.

AMV : What’s your favourite AMV piece?

Gabin : I really like AMV's Padow range. The material is super soft and comfortable and keeps you warm in winter. I love it. I also like the loose designs which suit me well.

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