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After winning the Grand Prix Van Cleef & Arpels at the Design Parade Toulon 2021, the artist and scenographer were given free rein to design a window display at an American Vintage store.

American Vintage has been a partner at the Design Parade Toulon since 2019 and has given free rein to the winning duo of the Grand Prix Van Cleef & Arpels, Victor Fleury Ponsin and Edgar Jayet, whose raw and minimalist decor won over the jury. This spring, they will be exhibiting new creations in an American Vintage store window (located on Rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement of Paris) and in the brand’s Paris showroom.

This project is entitled “Peinture sur chevalet, dépeindre les Calanques”.

“For American Vintage, we imagined works in honour of the Marseille Calanques, an iconic landscape for the brand, supported by pieces that echo the furniture used by 19th century painters. We were very touched by the great respect shown by the brand for our work. We truly were given free rein, and that meant we could go far.”

— Victor Fleury Ponsin and Edgar Jayet

American Vintage Design Parade Peinture sur Chevalet

Stage 1 :
Artistic approach

“My initial question was the following: how can we showcase American Vintage’s iconic landscape, the Marseille Calanques? I considered the immortality of the rock, and the way that we can paint it and freeze it in time”, explained Victor Fleury Ponsin. The result is four 1.8 m high, 60 cm wide works that depict the rocks of the Calanques de Callelongue and the way they interact with the other elements. “Like anticipating potential erosion from the sea and wind. I wanted to make this living rock alive, rather than immortalising it”, he explains. He worked at Atelier Tommis in the south of Paris, like a painter with his easel, to create 4 plaster blocks in a natural white.

American Vintage Design Parade scénographie

Stage 2 :

Victor Fleury Ponsin’s works are installed on these unique pieces designed by Edgar Jayet with Atelier Adrian Augagneur. “It was important for me to place this project within some kind of continuity, while proposing furniture that American Vintage could reuse”, he explains. The result is a new kind of easel 2.0, racks and sculpture stands, designed using three wood varieties: beech, sycamore and pearwood.