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The fifth edition of Design Parade Toulon, the international festival of interior design, opened on 25 June 2021, with 10 selected finalists presenting their project on the theme of “A living room in a Mediterranean home.”

Edgar Jayet and Victor Fleury won the Design Parade Toulon Grand Prix award this year, with their installation entitled “a benidor”. Inspired by the oppressive Mediterranean temperatures that permeate the writings of Camus, this room is open to the elements and offers a place to rest where time seems to stand still.

“The imaginary world of the siesta hails from our childhood memories, but as adults we’re no allowed that kind of break.”

Victor Fleury et Edgar Jayet

American Vintage is sponsoring the event for the second year, and will be giving the two winners a grant for exploring their creativity and designing the window displays for a selection of American Vintage stores. Come and see them soon.

Until then, you can enjoy the Design Parade at the Ancien Évêché in Toulon until 31 October 2021.