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American Vintage men’s long-sleeved polos and T-shirts come in a variety of cuts, shapes, finishes, materials and colours. Our 100% cotton long-sleeved T-shirt is part of the brand’s DNA and at the heart of AMV’s collections, like the iconic Decatur and Sonoma families, available in a range of cuts and colours. Our other families of long-sleeved T-shirts use different materials, from the lightest linen and polyamide, to thick organic or recycled cotton blends and polyester. These comfortable and easy-to-wear pieces come in fitted cuts for a second-skin effect or loose designs for an asserted oversized look. There’s a cut for every shape and body type and they cater to anyone’s needs and style. Whether in a V-neck, round neck or turtleneck, our men’s long-sleeved T-shirts can be worn on their own in the summer and look great under a light denim jacket in the spring, or under a warm parka or thick coat in the autumn and the heart of winter. There’s something for everyone and any season with our rich range of colours, from traditional and timeless menswear essentials, like black, white, heather grey and navy, to bold colours like tangy yellow and army green for more assertive summery looks. Season after season, the AMV design studio reinvents the men’s long-sleeved T-shirt and develops an ever-increasing range of pieces.